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Closed position indicator switch K01/1 Dungs

Closed position indicator switch K01/1
  • Aceste accessories K01/1 are mechanically activated microswitches for monitoring the position of the valve plate in Dungs multiple actuators and solenoid valves.
  • The K01/1 can be easily mounted on all Dungs devices.
  • The closed position indicator switch is compatible with:
- Solenoid valves: MVD, MV, ZR, HSAV, LGV, LV-D, SV.
- Double solenoid valves: DMV/11, DMV/11 eco, DMV 50025/50050, DMV/12.
- GasMultiBloc: MBC, MB-DLE, MB-ZRDLE, MB-VEF.
  • It is suitable for gases of families 1, 2 and 3 and other neutral gaseous media.

Technical specifications K01/1 closed position indicator switch

Contact series Code Connection pmax (mbar) Degree of protection Ambient temp. (oC)
K01/1 211202 G 1/8 500 IP 54 -15÷70
K01/1 214908 G 1/8 500 IP 65 -15÷70

Dimensions closed position indicator switch K01/1 (mm)

dimensions K01/1-1 dimensions K01/1-2


Type B C D E F G H
K01/1 101 25 46 72 78 51 46
A = O-ring 9.5 x 1.6

Mounting K01/1

1. Interrupt gas supply.
2. Remove G 1/8 seal plug and O ring from valve bottom.
3. Screw closed poisition indicator switch with new O ring (9.5x1.6)
4. Tighten using open-ended spanner WAF 12.
Mounting K01/1-1
5. Electrical connection: Remove cover A. Electrical connection to screw terminals 1, 2, 3.
6. Perform leakage and function test.
Mounting K01/1-2
7. Set Switching point: Remove cover B if there is no contact from terminal 1 to terminal 3 when valve is closed.
Rotate setting screw C to "+" until switching point is reached.
Then rotate the setting screw by another scale division.
Check function by activating the valve.
8. Re-set switching point: Turn setting screw C back in arrow direction "-" to the stop; proceed as described in 7.


Code Type Prices without VAT
211202 Closed position indicator switch K01/1 IP54 - In Stock 0.00
214908 Closed position indicator switch K01/1 IP65 0.00
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