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Control device for system leakage test DSLC px Vx Dungs

Control device for system leakage test DSLC px Vx
  • These valve proving systems DSLC px Vx are suitable for automatic leakage tests between two solenoid valves in gas-consuming devices.
  • Together with one or two gas pressure switches, the DSLC control device built according to EN 1643 for system leakage tests checks the burner gas shut-off valves for leakage
  • A synchronous gear motor with control cams controls the DSLC program sequence via microswitches.
  • The testing system can be used alone for leakage tests or combined with all types of automatic burner control systems.
  • Test volume: min. 1,5 l.

Technical specifications

Valve proving system type Code Nominal voltage (V) Frequency (Hz) Degree of protection Ambient temperature (oC) Test cycle (s) Test time V1 (s) Test time V2 (s)
DSLC px Vx 230V Kpl. 247962 230 50 IP 42 0÷60 approx. 60 min. 22 min. 20
DSLC px Vx 110V Kpl. 248762 110 50
DSLC px Vx 24V DC Kpl. 247963 24 DC
DSLC px Vx 24V DC Kpl. 265281 24 DC

Dimensions leakage test system (mm)

dimensions DSLC px Vx 1 dimensions DSLC px Vx 2
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Functional description shown with 1 pressure switch

The section from valve seat V1 to valve seat V2 is called "test section". The DSLC performs a test before every burner start-up, i.e. when heat is requested by the controller or after the unit is switched off due to loss of mains voltage, gas shortage etc. The test consists of two phases:


1) Test of the valve (V1) on the gas inlet side
Test phase 1a Test phase 1b
When heat is required, the controller circuit is closed, and the DSLC receives voltage and starts the test cycle (approx. 60 seconds).
At the beginning of the first phase (figure 1a), valve V2 is opened for max. 3 seconds. The pressure in the test section must drop to atmospheric pressure, i.e., the pressure switch Pp must switch back after the pressure is relieved. If it is not possible to evacuate the test section, the pressure is relieved again after 60 seconds.
During the subsequent test time (figure 1b) the pressure built up in the test section must not exceed the switch point of pressure switch Pp. However, if this happens due to leakage in solenoid valve 1, the DSLC takes the fault position and prevents the burner from being started. The red fault display lights up. There is voltage at terminal 5 of the device for teleindication of the fault.


2) Test of the valve (V2) on the burner side
Test phase 2a Test phase 2b
The DSLC opens valve V1 for max 3 seconds before the second test phase (figure 2a). Thus, the test section is under gas pressure, and the second test phase begins.
During the subsequent test time (figure 2b) the pressure in the test section must not drop below the switch point of the pressure switch Pp. However, if the pressure falls due to leakage in valve V2, the pressure switch Pp reports this and the DSLC is locked in the fault position. All parts lying in the test section, such as pressure switches, pipes, screw joints etc., are simultaneously tested for leakage. Only after the second test phase, too, shows that all parts are "properly sealed", the DSLC through-connects the controller circuit (voltage at terminal 15) and enables the program sequence for starting up the burner.


Program flowchart DSLC px Vx:
Program flowchart DSLC px Vx

Schematic diagrams:

1) Valve test with auxiliary valves V3, LGV
Schematic diagram 1


2) Valve test with auxiliary valves V3, V4
Schematic diagram 2


3) Direct valve test V1 with auxiliary valve V4 or LGV
Schematic diagram 3


4) Direct valve test V1, V2
Schematic diagram 4


V1 Safety solenoid valve V4 Discharge solenoid valve
V2 Burner solenoid valve LGV Leakage gas solenoid valve
V3 Filing gas solenoid valve Pp Test pressure switch

DSLC display of valves

Direction of rotation DSLC


  • Example 1 V1 (blue) large leak
Indicator DSLC 1


  • Example 2 V2 (red) medium leak
Indicator DSLC 2


  • Example 3 V2 (red) small leak
Indicator DSLC 3
The qualitative differentiation between small, medium and large is used for fault analysis only. However, the valves must always be regarded as leaky!


Code Type Prices without VAT
247962 DSLC px Vx 230 V Kpl. 0.00
248762 DSLC px Vx 110 V Kpl. 0.00
247963 DSLC px Vx 24 V DC Kpl. 0.00
265281 DSLC px Vx 24 V DC Kpl. 0.00
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